See you soon at the Waldhaus – Winter season from December 11 to April 11

Grüezi Frau Muster

What a year it has been! A winter season that abruptly ended five weeks early… and a summer that, stunningly, beat all occupancy records from the past 112 Waldhaus years. Even more importantly, we have managed to stay healthy, and we hope you have as well. Reason enough to be grateful and look ahead with measured confidence.

We are well aware that much remains uncertain about the coming winter. Whether to travel or not remains a difficult decision, but we want to be ready for you. We have thought long and hard about how to make sure that all who come can still enjoy a beautiful and safe Waldhaus vacation.

For one thing, our whole beautyful region offers plenty of space and many opportunities for enjoying yourself without getting too close to anybody. A luxury of space has always marked the Waldhaus, too, and the summer has already given us a lot of practice in maintaining and providing the necessary distance.

Now, we are on the way to add even more space. The expansion of our sauna, which has been in the works for more than a year, will be completed in time for the season, and in December, we will even inaugurate a new restaurant, “GIGERS”, in the Laret forest next to our indoor tennis court.

So there are many good reasons to pay us a visit this winter despite these uncertain times. We will give you a good welcome!

With best wishes
The Dietrich-Kienberger family

An oasis of calm

The Waldhaus Spa is evolving – our addition will soon be ready!
Our spa, which opened exactly four years ago, has proved to be a benefit for all of us. Of course, needs and expecta-tions continue to evolve. Having gained more experience and taking guests’ wishes and suggestions into account, we can now happily announce the completion of a substantial addition to our sauna. No mean feat in these unsettled times, which makes us all the happier to be able to offer you a second, new small sauna, a cooling off area with a plunge pool, a fresh air zone and an enlarged relaxation area.

Let us surprise you. Enjoy the results!

GIGERS – our new restaurant

Where our third tennis court used to be until a few years ago, our latest culinary project is set to open on December 19, for the beginning of the winter season.

Our newest restaurant provides an informal culinary alternative to what we offer up at the Waldhaus. Relax and enjoy looking out at the snow-covered trees in the afternoon, or have a cheese fondue or share a meal from a table-top grill with friends or family in the evening.


Winter fun

“Sleep & Ski” a special offer

You can obtain a regional ski pass for the duration of your stay for a surcharge of just CHF 45 per person/day. The only condition: you have to purchase it for the entire length of your stay. But no Waldhaus guest will pay more than CHF 195, per person for the pass, no matter how long they stay; the rest is on the house!

And for all children up to age 12, it’s on the house from day one!

Tracks in the snow

Cross-country skiing
Glide through the open valley and enjoy the deep winter snow. Follow the tracks in the snow and explore the well-prepared trails. Whether with the elegant classic or dynamic ‘skating’ style, you can find your ideal trail among the 230km of widely varied trails.

Winter program

You can always find an up-to-date list of our events on our website.

Remember that seating for all events will be limited this winter. Please sign up in advance.

Winter Events


The Waldhaus in „Corona“ times