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Waldhaus Museum

Fond of the past?

Learn more about the Waldhaus’s past and present on our regular ‘backstage’ tours. That includes the little Waldhaus museum in our former bakery, full of whimsical touches by Swiss artist Giuseppe Reichmuth.


Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Pablo Picasso

Museum in the Hotel Waldhaus Sils
Museum in the Hotel Waldhaus Sils
Museum in the Hotel Waldhaus Sils
Museum im Hotel Waldhaus Sils

Nietzsche House

A visit to the philosopher.

Collection, library, publications and exhibitions at the house in which Friedrich Nietzsche spent seven summers (1881 and 1883–1888).

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Nietzsche House in Sils Maria

SILS MUSEUM - foundation of culture Andrea Robbi

Forgotten, then rediscovered.

One-room museum dedicated to the works of local painter Andrea Robbi (1864-1945) and fielding special exhibits which illustrate particular aspects of the village life, the culture and the history of Sils and the Engadine.

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Robbi Museum in Sils-Maria

Biblioteca Engiadinaisa

Literature in five languages.

The Biblioteca Engiadinaisa in Sils Baselgia has more than 18,000 volumes in five languages, including novels and children’s literature, writings about the Engadine and Graubünden, magazines, newspapers – in short, a treasure trove for bookworms.

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Bibloteca Engiadinaisa in Sils-Baselgia

Engadiner Museum/St. Moritz

Regional culture reflected
in its times.

Museum for alpine domestic life and culture from the 15th to the 19th centuries.

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Engadin Museum

Segantini Museum/St. Moritz

For fans of alpine paintings.

Giovanni Segantini (1858–1899) was an important realist symbolist artist and is appreciated as a key renewer of alpine painting at the end of the 19th century.

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Museum Alpin/ Pontresina

Alpine culture of the region.

The fauna, flora and geology of Graubünden’s mountains along with alpine culture are presented here.

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Museum Alpin Pontresina

Ciäsa Granda/Stampa - (only open in summer)

Val Bregaglia’s regional museum.

Document the region’s pre-history and early history, minerals and wildlife, the daily life of yore and dairy, cheese-making and kitchen utensils as well as other historic artifacts from Val Bregaglia explained in their historic context.

One room is devoted to the Giacometti family of artists and its most famous member, Alberto Giacometti.

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Ciäsa Granda im Bergell

Castelmur manor house - Stampa-Coltura (only open in summer)

Local architecture & cultural history.

A fascinating and peculiar blend of architectural styles, the Redolfi family’s manor house, built in 1723, was expanded to a Moorish-Gothic “castle” after 1850. It holds a permanent exhibition on the emigration of Graubünden pastry chefs and the historic archives of the valley.

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Bregaglia - Palazzo Castelmur

Cultural archive in Samedan

Oral and written local cultural history.

The Oberengadin Cultural Archive shows temporary exhibitions throughout the year, based on its impressive holdings of historical written documents from the region.

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Dokumentationsbibliothek Samedan

Albula Railway Museum/Bergün

For railroad fans.

Multimedia exhibits and many period artifacts bring to life the Rhaetian Railway’s past and present.

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Aussenansicht Bahnmuseum Bergüng

Visit one of the many other fascinating museums or galleries in the Upper Engadine with their cultural treasures and stimulating exhibitions.