Something is taking shape here.

The Waldhaus is suffused with culture. Culture is in its genes. Embedded in a landscape of European renown, full of natural beauty and of culture, our hotel has provided inspiration to many and continues to do so; prominent artists and intellectuals have been coming here since we first opened our doors.

As hosts and organizers of numerous cultural events, we have long cultivated a cultural commitment that radiates beyond local and cantonal boundaries, while remaining firmly anchored in the region. But we can happily say that culture is by no means confined to what takes place within our walls. The Waldhaus is part and parcel of the rich cultural life of the Engadine as a whole.

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche helped make Sils Maria famous in the 19th century. Other authors, artists and intellectuals soon followed, often staying at the Waldhaus. Even today an extraordinary range of personalities reads and rests, composes and plays, writes and philosophizes at the Waldhaus in Sils Maria – the village which Hermann Hesse called “paradise on earth”.

What they share is as simple as it is hard to describe: the sense of well-being that comes from being a Waldhaus guest.

Der Denker

Sils is what the devout call a place of special energy. And the Waldhaus’s unique culture still allows you to escape from the flat earth of globalization into the lost realms of the European spirit.

Adolf Muschg

Grand Hotel Waldhaus – Timeless

Times change but some things are timeless. Each morning as we stand in front of the managers’ office and wind the “Magneta” master clock, which has been in operation since 1908 and guides a dozen wall clocks throughout the hotel, we are subtly confronted with what is timeless. And we cherish it, just as we do the salon music of our resident trio.

We will be happy to show you the past at the Waldhaus, as well as how our present evolves into the future, during one of our regular hotel tours which include the hotel museum in the old bakery whimsically re-designed by artist Giuseppe Reichmuth. Attend a Welte-Mignon presentation during the summer season. It is a 1910 player piano, played with perforated paper rolls. Our retired house mechanic Guido Schmidt brought it back to life, after it had fallen silent for half a century, working on it meticulously for years.

Readings and concerts regularly take place at the Waldhaus. Sils Maria and its surroundings offer a wealth of other cultural discoveries. Take a look at our daily newsletter during breakfast, check out our calendar of events or simply ask us.

Resonanzen – International cultural festival in Sils

A high point of the Waldhaus cultural calendar: Resonanzen, an international cultural festival, which takes place in Sils for a week in September. Set in the autumnal atmosphere of the Engadine, the festival at the Waldhaus offers first-rate chamber music, readings and lectures, and erudite and entertaining moderators. Full-day cultural walks devoted to specific topics are among the popular offerings of this cultural week.

Tickets and reservations
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To ensure and further strengthen the cultural life in and around the Waldhaus, Felix Dietrich set up the Kultur im Waldhaus Sils Foundation in 2015.
Please join us in supporting this worthy cause. We would very much appreciate your contribution.

The Foundation Board members would be happy to answer your questions. For additional information see our flyer:
Felix Dietrich, (Foundation) Chairman

Kultur im Waldhaus Sils Foundation
Via da Fex 3, 7514 Sils/Segl Maria

The Foundation Board

  • Esther Schneider
  • Larissa Bieler
  • Felix Dietrich, Präsident
  • Arthur Godel
  • Urs Kienberger

Stiftung Kultur im Waldhaus Sils
IBAN-Nr. CH77 0077 4010 3142 9590 0


Famous guests – A Waldhaus for the generations

The 20th century: a century of imperialism, world wars, the upheaval of political systems, economic development and prosperity.
The Waldhaus: host to generations of philosophers, politicians, writers, musicians and composers, entrepreneurs, visual artists, scientists, theater and film directors and actors.


Guests have included:

  • Theodor W. Adorno
  • Thomas Bernhard
  • Joseph Beuys
  • David Bowie
  • Claude Chabrol
  • Marc Chagall
  • Neville Chamberlain
  • Friedrich Dürrenmatt
  • Gottlieb Duttweiler
  • Albert Einstein
  • Pierre Fournier
  • Clara Haskil
  • Hermann Hesse
  • Theodor Heuss
  • Arthur Honegger
  • Carl Gustav Jung
  • Erich Kästner
  • Otto Klemperer
  • Franz Kardinal König
  • Max Liebermann
  • Rolf Liebermann
  • Thomas Mann
  • François Mauriac
  • Alberto Moravia & Elsa Morante
  • Maurizio Pollini
  • Emil Rathenau
  • Michael Redgrave
  • Max Reinhardt
  • Gerhard Richter
  • Paul Sacher
  • Maximilian Schell
  • Rudolf Serkin
  • Georg Solti
  • Fritz Stern
  • Richard Strauss
  • Richard Tauber
  • Luchino Visconti
  • Bruno Walter