Generation IV

With much luck and a little skill, the next generation was able to build on this success. Felix Dietrich and his wife Maria worked with Maria’s parents Rolf and Rita Kienberger for a decade, before they successfully assumed responsibility on their own. Starting in 1989, they became a trio with the addition of Maria’s brother, Urs, an economist good with words and numbers. On their watch, the Waldhaus experienced the most sustained period of growth and prosperity of its long history.

Under the motto, “respecting our history while having the courage to change” and with the help of renowned architects such as Peter A. Casada from Zurich, Miller & Maranta from Basel and Armando Ruinelli from Soglio, they worked to carefully highlight historic structures while modernizing where necessary. Their commitment focused not just on outward appearances, but also on the working values of the family business. These efforts were recognized when ICOMOS, the International Council on Monuments and Sites, honored them with the “Historic Hotel of the Year” award in 2005.

  • 1977–2010 Maria and Felix Dietrich-Kienberger until 1987 with Rolf and Rita Kienberger-Müller
  • 1989–2014 Urs Kienberger from 2010 with Claudio Dietrich and Patrick Dietrich
4. Generation Hotel Waldhaus Sils
Hotel Waldhaus Sils - Generation IV
Urs Kienberger - Hotel Waldhaus Sils