Generation V

Now, Claudio and Patrick Dietrich, Felix and Maria’s sons, are the latest generation to take over the Waldhaus and to shape its future, ripe with new challenges. They are well-equipped for it.

Both brothers began their careers with a cook’s apprenticeship and then worked as chefs. They subsequently graduated from excellent hotel management schools and gained experience, working at well-known hotels and restaurants in Switzerland and abroad (and, of course, the Waldhaus). At their side is their sister, Carla Lehner-Dietrich, who will head the spa. Claudio’s wife, Cornelia Dietrich, is also part of the team.

  • since 2010 Claudio Dietrich and Patrick Dietrich until 2014 with Urs Kienberger
Portrait Claudio Dietrich
Portrait Patrick Dietrich
Hotel Waldhaus Sils - Generation V
Hotel Waldhaus Sils - Generation V