The Waldhaus was opened on June 15, 1908, by our (great-) great grandparents Josef Giger (1847–1921) and Amalie Giger-Nigg (1849–1924). For many years, they had managed grand hotels but were not the owners. Now, they had a hotel of their own.

They were followed by their daughter and son-in-law Helen and Oskar Kienberger, masterful pilots under frequently the most adverse external conditions. Then their son Rolf Kienberger (1917–1994) and his wife Frau Rita (1926–2006) took over. Starting in 1977 Maria and Felix Dietrich-Kienberger assumed responsibility, first shared with Maria’s parents, then, starting in 1989, with Maria’s brother Urs Kienberger (b. 1952).

Since 2010, brothers Claudio and Patrick Dietrich (b. 1977 and 1980) have taken over management. Claudio is responsible for the operational and administrative management of the company. Patrick has the main responsibility for the guest relations. Together they continue to give the Waldhaus a human face and a very personal character.

The Waldhaus thus remains purely a family affair without external partners or managers, very rare for a hotel of this kind and size. Of course, even here many things have changed. For one thing, we invest several million Swiss francs in the Waldhaus every year and have done so for many decades. But we have deliberately refrained from expanding the hotel’s capacity, recognizing that this is essential if we still want to receive and look after our guests in the same way that earlier generations took for granted. Our ancestors would still easily recognize the hotel they wrought!

Stempel Giger's Waldhaus
Sils 1925 in winter
Winter view
Sils Maria ca. 1908

We went back to Sils-Maria as well, for about five weeks… We have been going there every summer for a dozen years now, for a number of reasons, the climate, the scenery … but also because we meet people there every year who, like us, keep coming back and have become friends.

Hermann Hesse

Architecture of the Waldhaus

The Waldhaus holds a prominent position within Swiss hotel architecture. ICOMOS Switzerland, the International Council on Monuments and Sites, named it Swiss “Historic Hotel of the Year” in 2005. In 2015, it received a special anniversary prize “20 years of Historic Hotels of the Year”. The Waldhaus

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