Bar and great lounge

Our favorites

We admit that our great lounge with its far-reaching rotunda is our favorite.

In the large stylish living room, you can meet up with friends or a newspaper. Marvel at the fairy-tale forest beyond the high windows. It is the focus of our hotel. A peaceful, private haven and public space at the same time. Reflect. Read. Play games. Dance. Talk or simply sit back and relax. At teatime, for a cocktail, or any time before or after. We tend this incomparable atmosphere like a magical garden. Most harmoniously in the late afternoon and again in the evening from 9 p.m., when the Waldhaus Trio from Slovakia plays.

Around the turn of the millennium, Basel architects Miller & Maranta extensively restored and renovated our bar. It is just to the right of the great lounge and serves lunch at noon (à la carte or half-pension). A beer on tap in the evening? Easily done. Harder to make up your mind between pure spirits, single malt whiskeys and countless other rarities. Don’t worry. Our well-trained bar staff is standing by to offer advice.







Oh, how happy is she or he, who can enjoy a little drink or three.

Fritz Herdi

The great lounge at the Hotel Waldhaus Sils
Afternoon Tea at the Hotel Waldhaus Sils
The bar at the Hotel Waldhaus Sils
The bar at the Hotel Waldhaus Sils
Smoking room at the Hotel Waldhaus Sils