Regional – Swiss – Modern

Inventively Swiss – but, no, not fondue or raclette…

For many years now, a top priority of ours has been to buy and serve our guests regional products, whenever possible. Over time we have been able to build up a network of local producers and suppliers who faithfully provide us with high-quality regional products.

We intend to place these products at the heart and center of our menu in the Arvenstube. Our Executive Chef Gero Porstein and his crew have skillfully crafted contemporary dishes that do not lose sight of Swiss traditions.

Our head waiter José Manuel dos Santos and his team invite you to come in and look forward to welcoming you.

Fragrant stone pine spices up the atmosphere. The cozy Arvenstube is the only part of the hotel with a connection to local, alpine-rural building traditions. In 1928 Waldhaus architect Karl Koller designed this room as a “Bündner Stube” for the first Swiss Exhibition for Women’s Work in Berne. Brought home to Sils-Maria in 1929 and carefully restored in 2012, our Arvenstube has been reborn twice over without losing its old charms.

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The Arvenstube in the Hotel Waldhaus Sils
The Arvenstube in the Hotel Waldhaus Sils
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Enjoying wine is like writing poetry, except that the verse comes from without rather than within.

Arthur Fitger