Food and Drink

Our Executive Chef Gero Porstein, together with his Sous Chefs Torsten Schulz and Amadeo Noce as well as our Pastry Chef Renato Pellegrinelli, have a consuming passion. What their team lovingly arranges on the plates is nothing less than the taste of the Waldhaus itself: forest and garden, the Fex valley and Val Bregaglia, Alp Prasüra and the mountains.

With great respect for local producers in a region blessed by intact nature, our chefs serve our discerning guests a series of delights both large and small.

Wine steward Oscar Comalli and Managing Director Claudio Dietrich share a passion: the Waldhaus wine cellar. More than 20,000 bottles, of which around 30 to 40% are Swiss wines, are stored here. Prominent rankings by wine experts and publications often mention our wine list. It represents a stunning selection at decidedly reasonable prices.

Passion is in play when Renato Pellegrinelli adds the final touch to a pineapple sorbet with a hint of mint.

Helge von Giese

Chef's Table at the Hotel Waldhaus Sils
Waldhaus Sils - Main course
Starter - Hotel Waldhaus Sils
Dessert - Hotel Waldhaus Sils
Cheese buffet Hotel Waldhaus Sils
The Wine cellar in the Hotel Waldhaus Sils

Half-pension – Get to know us better

There is no better way to get to know our culinary philosophy than by opting for the traditional half-pension plan. The kitchen crew bring close to a thousand different dishes to the table in the course of a season. As a half-pension guest, you get to choose between different first courses, main courses and desserts every day.

Do you have a food allergy or intolerance or do you avoid certain foods for ethical reasons? Executive Chef Gero Porstein would be happy to discuss your personal needs. Do not hesitate to contact him even before your arrival.

From local producers

The Waldhaus has always had a close relationship with local producers. The farmers we work with are passionate about agriculture and take it very seriously. This, in turn, informs all their dealings with their animals, their crops and their land, and it shows in the quality of their products – whether it is meadow-fresh milk from the Fex valley, goat cheese from Isola, dried meat from Pila or potatoes from S-chanf.

Note how we carefully list ingredients and suppliers at the breakfast buffet and on our daily menus: “Tagliata of beef from Val Poschiavo cooked on our over 110-year-old charcoal grill, baked potatoes with pimento and rosemary, Sicilian vegetable ragout with Taggiasca olives and apple vinegar, lime chimichurri sauce”. Enjoying the tasty foods, you also get closer to their origins.

The Waldhaus chefs integrates these natural ingredients into their menus, wherever they can. We also admit that some of us derive great pleasure from visiting one or the other of the nearby farms.

Learn more about our suppliers, those self-dependent, hard-working lovers of nature.

LINKS to some of the producers

Hof «Al Canton»; Crasta Farm; Sennerei Pontresina; Macelleria Chiesa (Bergell); Marco Giovanoli (Bergell); Arno Gabriel (S-chanf); Hof Casty (Zuoz); Mulino Scartazzini; Latteria Bregaglia



  • Sennerei Pontresina

    Cheese speciality

  • Hof «Al Canton»

    Herb farmer

  • Marco Giovanoli

    Cow farmer