The Engadine

The Engadine. Light and space. Mountains and lakes. Virtually unlimited possibilities for sports, culture and relaxation in a landscape of beauty and character.

Since the 19th century, the Engadine has captivated visitors from many walks of life. With more than 320 days of sunshine per year, the 1800-meter high mountain valley in the Swiss canton of Graubünden has a unique climate and a high-alpine flora & fauna worthy of conservation.

As Switzerland’s premier winter sports region with two Winter Olympics in its past, the Engadine offers an exceptional range of activities for snow-sport fans. In summer the archaic natural landscape and its cultural life are the main attractions. Trendy sports originate in the Engadine, internationally renowned events are held, award-winning chefs cook, local traditions and a cosmopolitan spirit enter into a fascinating symbiosis.

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Some more information about the pretty village of Sils and the Engadine.

Fex Valley
View towards Sils

Lower Engadine

Visit picture-book villages

The Lower Engadine with its main town of Scuol and villages such as Ardez and Guarda or the Val Müstair (Münstertal) behind the Ofen Pass with its little monastery (UNESCO World Heritage Site) are truly worth a visit.

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Dear Reader – many postcard greetings! Here the glaciers are glaciating. The Fex brook is babbling. The sun is shining. The roof of our tent is billowing in the mid-day breezes. A little child gently picks colorful wildflowers. Theobald sits there and feels in his heart: and, who will pick me?

Kurt Tucholsky