Chef's Table

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At top restaurants (and on Netflix), chef’s table has become a popular term, as it has here. Usually on Mondays or upon request, you can enjoy dinner in the midst of the hectic activities in our imposing kitchen. But, very calmly. Here, too, architectural history is on display. Few kitchens have more elegant lighting or higher windows. Our chefs also know how to cook.

Slicing, roasting, serving, you can watch it all from the best seat in the house at the long table at the back of the kitchen. We first have a cocktail (and choose the wines) in our carefully sorted and twisty wine cellar. An unforgettable look behind the scenes.

Room for maximum up to 12 guests. An exclusive dinner for
CHF 265 per person (for non-Waldhaus guests) and CHF 195 for Waldhaus guests (CHF 145 for those with half-pension). Drinks are included in the price, but please reserve one of the hotly sought seats in advance.

Genuine happiness is based on good food.

Georges Auguste Escoffier

Chef's Table at the Hotel Waldhaus Sils
Chef's Table at the Hotel Waldhaus Sils
The Wine cellar in the Hotel Waldhaus Sils