111th anniversary

111 years - days gone by

The Waldhaus is celebrating its 111th anniversary during the entire 2019 summer season and 2019/2020 winter season. At the beginning of our anniversary year in June, we are treating you and ourselves to a small, first-rate cultural festival with a wide variety of events of every description. They include theater performances with Swiss theater luminary Christof Marthaler & Friends, a magic show with world champion magicians Wolfram and Gernot Bohnenberger, concerts by “Las Lodolas” and “Incantanti”, the Graubünden youth theater and the young Shakespeare Company Zuoz, Arthur Godel invites newspaper correspondent Bernard Imhasly for a talk on India and finally Manfred Ferrari brings back the musical theater “Novecento”.

Performances will take place from June 7 to 30, 2019 at the “Waldhaus Theater”, which is currently being created at our indoor tennis court.

You can enjoy many other select cultural evenings at the Waldhaus throughout the season, with some “old friends” and many “new faces”.

Reservations and information at +41 (0) 81 838 5200 or mail@waldhaus-sils.ch


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Anniversay Package – The Waldhaus - 111 years

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111 years - our "111" gifts to you

For our anniversary celebration, we have updated our hotel’s history and are re-publishing it at Scheidegger & Spiess. Everyone who comes to stay with us within the next twelve months will receive a free copy.

In addition to the Waldhaus “111” book, all summer guests who stay at least five nights can choose one of 111 other gifts in honor of the Waldhaus anniversary.

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